Trucks are a critical part of our modern society and economy. They help transport food and other goods across the country in a relatively cheap way. However, because trucks share the roads with vehicles, they run the risk of being in accidents, and those are often some of the most impactful kinds of accidents on the roads.

Why Are Truck Accidents So Serious?

The primary reason truck accidents are so serious is the danger that they pose. One of the primary factors that impact the damage caused by a collision is the disparity of size and force of the objects involved. Trucks have significantly more mass and force than the other vehicles that occupy the road with them. This means that any accident is going to produce more significant damage than if it were another car involved rather than a truck.

Another risk with trucks that makes them dangerous is their unwieldy nature. They are challenging vehicles to drive, and the risk of something like a jackknife or roller-over incident is high. Additionally, they also need much more room to stop when traveling at high speeds because of their size. This makes trucks particularly dangerous on the roads when there is low visibility.

Because of the power and mass of these trucks, the accidents will often involve significant damage to other vehicles. Being rear-ended by a truck is going to create significantly more pressure on the car in front than being rear-ended by something like a sedan at the same speeds. The occupants of vehicles are at greater risk as well and could be faced with life-altering injuries.

Why are truck accidents so serious?

What to Do If You’ve Been in a Truck Accident

If you’ve been in an accident involving trucks, there are a few things that you should try to remember to do, depending on the extent of your injuries. They include:

  • Get Medical Attention. It’s always important to get attention for any injuries, even seemingly minor ones, after an accident.
  • Document the Scene. If you are able to, getting pictures of the scene of the accident, damage and injuries, and anything else relevant can be helpful in later proving fault.
  • Don’t Discuss the Accident. Insurance companies could attempt to twist something that you say and use it against you in the case that you were at fault, or partially at fault, for the accident, thus reducing the compensation that you can collect. You want to be careful or avoid discussing the accident for this reason.
  • Contact a Lawyer. You have the right to seek compensation for the injuries that were caused by someone else. Personal injury law covers truck accidents, and a lawyer can help you seek restitution through these means. Contact a lawyer as soon as you can after your accident, and they can help you understand what steps will come next.


Q: How Long Do You Have to File a Claim For a Truck Accident?

A: How long you have to file a claim for a truck accident in California is set by the statute of personal limitations involved with personal injury claims. In most cases, this will be two years from the date of the accident. However, it’s possible that the particular details of the case could mean that the deadline is shortened – in cases when the government is liable – or lengthened, such as when the plaintiff was a minor at the time of the accident.

It’s important to speak with a lawyer soon after your accident so that you understand the timeline for your situation.

Q: If I’ve Been in a Truck Accident, Should I Settle My Claim or Go to Court?

A: Whether you should settle your truck accident claim or not will depend on the specifics of your situation. Most personal injury claims, including truck accident claims, will end up being settled outside of court. This is because it offers advantages to both sides, including being able to wrap up the situation relatively quickly and avoiding the risk involved with going to court and possibly receiving a ruling where you receive nothing.

Q: Who Could Be at Fault For a Truck Accident?

A: There are a number of different parties who could potentially be at fault for a truck accident, and it’s even possible that multiple parties could be to blame. Most often, the driver will be one of the parties who could be at fault, but it’s also possible that another party, such as the driver’s employer, the trucking company, whoever loaded the truck, or others, could have had a part to play. One of the important tasks of a Roseville truck accident lawyer is to identify who is likely at fault for the accident.

Q: What Does a Roseville Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

A: A Roseville truck accident lawyer does a number of crucial functions for their clients. In particular, they investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to identify who is liable and gather evidence that can be used to prove that liability. They will also negotiate on their client’s behalf to try and reach a fair settlement without needing to go to court. However, if a negotiated settlement isn’t going to be possible, they will continue to pursue restitution for their clients through litigation.

Seek Restitution From Your Roseville Truck Accident

Truck accidents are some of the most serious and dangerous accidents that occur on California roads. It’s not uncommon for them to cause significant vehicle damage and serious injuries. These costs, along with the costs of lost wages from missing work and the significant psychological impact of being in such a traumatic accident, are all the responsibility of whoever caused the accident. You are owed restitution for those costs.

At The Ward Firm, we help victims of truck accidents seek the restitution that is owed to them. We understand the unique complexities of truck accidents, like identifying the proper party from whom to seek compensation. Once we know that, we develop a strategy to get our clients what they deserve, whether through a negotiated settlement or by way of litigation. Contact our team if you’ve been in a truck accident and are wondering about your options.