Criminal Defense FAQ: Your Questions Answered

With years of experience with criminal laws in Sacramento, The Ward Firm represents clients on misdemeanor, felony, and DUI charges in state and federal court. If you are under investigation or are already charged, consider the following when thinking about your Sacramento criminal defense:

Under criminal law in Sacramento, police cannot make an arrest without probable cause and a warrant in most cases. Lacking probable cause, police may ask you to volunteer information through informal questioning. Your responses can be used against you. It is unwise to answer questions without the presence of an attorney skilled at Sacramento criminal defense. You do not have to go to a police station unless you are taken into custody after arrest.
Federal law requires that your rights, known as the Miranda warning, are recited before you are questioned. This warning includes your right to have an attorney present, your right to remain silent and notice that your comments can be used against you. An arrest is valid with probable cause, but a court usually finds information inadmissible if a defendant was not read their rights before questioning. Your first call after arrest should be to an attorney skilled with criminal defense in Sacramento.
Under criminal laws in Sacramento, evidence gathered from an illegal stop may be suppressed in court. Setting aside inadmissible evidence is important to a Sacramento criminal defense.
The decision to accept a plea bargain is yours to make. After evaluating the strength of the case against you, an attorney experienced with Sacramento criminal laws should be able to give you an idea of the probable outcome of a trial and potential consequences you might face.
Dealing with criminal law in Sacramento requires experience and knowledge. You can be confined for up to a year if convicted on a misdemeanor charge. Sacramento criminal law requires the prosecution prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, making plea negotiations an invaluable tool in preserving your liberty. Retaining an experienced criminal attorney is an investment in your future.
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