Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous incidents that occur on our roads. The sheer size and mass of trucks compared to other vehicles on the roads means the damage that they can cause is significant. Another potential risk, though, could be the freight that is in the truck. Sometimes, trucks have hazardous materials onboard, which could cause even more risk and danger in an accident.

What was the worst truck accident in history?

What Was the Worst Truck Accident in History?

There have been several significant and dangerous truck accidents in history. The worst one is somewhat subjective. However, there is no doubt that one of the worst events to ever happen occurred in Houston, Texas, a little bit after 11 a.m. on May 11, 1976. The accident would claim the lives of seven people and injure almost 200 others.

A truck that was traveling at an unsafe speed slammed into a support beam on an overpass. While the overpass remained standing, what made the accident so dangerous was the fact that the truck was carrying over 7000 gallons of anhydrous ammonia, which can be fatal when inhaled in concentrated amounts.

This would prove to be deadly enough to kill five people exposed at the scene of the accident, with one more passing away later. Along with the driver, who died almost immediately, this brought the total to seven fatalities.

In addition to those who would lose their lives in the accident, many others would experience significant burns from the ammonia fumes. Some of these people would go on to heal; others, though, would be left with lifelong damage to their lungs. The local emergency facilities and hospitals were filled with those who had suffered injuries in the accident.

The freeway would be closed for three miles in all directions. Nearby residents would also leave their homes and were told to stay away until the odor had dissipated.

The accident exposed some significant shortcomings in Houston’s preparation for this major issue. For instance, there was no dedicated hazmat team available at the time through the Houston Fire Department. Today, even smaller cities are sure to have these resources available for minor spills, much less something as significant as the 1976 accident.

The accident also created a change in local policy. The amount of hazardous material that could be transported inside the 610 Loop was capped so that there wouldn’t be such a significant spill if something similar were to happen again.


Q: What Should I Do if I Have Been in a Truck Accident

A: What you should do if you have been in a truck accident could be limited by your injuries. However, if you are capable and have gotten medical attention, there are some things that you can do that could help you later in seeking compensation for your injuries.

For instance, taking pictures of the scene of the accident may be helpful in later proving fault. You should also be careful when discussing the accident, as you don’t want to say anything that could be misconstrued as you taking the blame. It’s also important to reach out to a Roseville truck accident lawyer who can help you with the next steps toward seeking restitution,

Q: What Compensation Is Available for a Truck Accident?

A: The compensation that is available for a truck accident is the same as that available under personal injury law, under which a truck accident claim would be filed. This means being able to collect compensation for costs like medical expenses, damage to vehicles, lost wages, and other expenses with a clear financial component under economic damages.

Additionally, the psychological impact of the accident, such as pain and suffering or mental anguish, is compensated through non-economic damages.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer to Get Compensation After a Truck Accident?

A: You do and don’t need a lawyer to get compensation after a truck accident. While you technically can attempt to do so without legal representation, going it alone can often limit the compensation you may receive. Working with the insurance companies that usually pay this compensation or taking them to court is a skill. Those without the knowledge and experience of a lawyer are not going to fare as well.

While this does mean needing to pay the lawyer, their fees are contingent upon successfully getting you compensation, and the compensation that they are able to attain will often far exceed what someone is able to get on their own.

Q: How Long Do I Have Before I Need to Take a Truck Accident Claim to Court?

A: A truck accident claim will usually need to be filed with the court within two years. This is the statute of limitations for personal injury law claims in California. However, there could be some exceptions that shorten or lengthen the time available to make a claim, so it is important to speak with a lawyer. In most cases, though, if you are unable to reach a settlement within two years of the accident, the claim will need to go to court.

We Help Truck Accident Victims Seek Compensation for Their Injuries

Even if the truck accident you have been in isn’t one of the worst in history, the impact can still be significant. These accidents cause substantial damage to the vehicles involved. The injuries that other drivers and passengers sustain can be tremendously impactful. The costs are the responsibility of those at fault for the accident, along with additional costs such as lost wages and the psychological impact of the accident.

Getting fair restitution for these kinds of injuries can be challenging, but working with the right Roseville truck accident lawyer, as you find at The Ward Firm, can give you your strongest opportunity. We understand the complexities involved in these accidents, from identifying who is at fault to presenting the case for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today if you’ve been injured in a truck accident and want to understand how you may be able to get restitution.