On behalf of The Ward Firm on Friday, June 22, 2018.

Many residents in California will be familiar with the video footage of a recent road rage incident in Sacramento that caught a driver ramming his white SUV into a blue vehicle over and over. The scene serves as yet another reminder of the very dangerous threat road rage can pose. Although most cases aren’t this serious, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with road rage offenses.

The ramming road rage incident

Sacramento Police Department determined that 40-year-old suspect, Jose Fausto Garcia Alvarez, followed the blue Ford Fiesta off Interstate 80 near Fifth and X streets before allegedly plowing his white Chevrolet Trail Blazer into the vehicle repeatedly. Garcia Alvarez was then seen exiting his white SUV to climb, kick and stomp on the Ford fiesta vehicle while its driver remained inside. Sacramento Police arrived at the scene and detained Garcia Alvarez after he fell off the car. Smartphone video footage of the road rage incident lasted 12 minutes long.

California road rage penalties

Garcia Alvarez was booked into Sacramento County jail. He faces felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism for the incident. Law enforcement officers have confirmed that he was under the influence of narcotics during the episode.

Other instances of road rage could result in similar consequences. In this road rage case, the victim of the assault did not suffer injuries that required hospitalization. Intentionally causing a rear end accident at high speed is one example of road rage that could result in heightened penalties if serious injuries are suffered by the intended victims.

Generally, cases of road rage are classified as a criminal offense and may result in:

  • A court hearing
  • Legal fees
  • Possible license suspension
  • Possible state prison or county jail time
  • Possible order to complete an anger management or road rage course(s)

We can all take precautions to avoid road rage. But in an escalated incident such as this, removing yourself from the situation may be dangerous or deadly. If you have been injured or assaulted in a road rage incident or other motor vehicle crash, talking to an experienced personal injury attorney may help you understand your rights and the legal options you can take to get justice.