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Any type of vehicle accident can result in devastating injuries and significant economic damages, but accidents involving large trucks are almost always among the most damaging. If you have suffered injuries or financial losses in any type of accident with a large truck, a Sacramento, California truck accident attorney can help you determine the best steps to take toward recovery. The Ward Firm is ready and able to assist you after such an accident, and our firm has the skills and experience to guide you through your claim and reach a desirable outcome.

Why Choose the Ward Firm?

Attorney Justin L. Ward is a firm believer in aggressive, high-quality legal representation for every client in every type of case. With extensive experience in both criminal defense and personal injury law, Attorney Ward has the skills necessary to handle the most challenging truck accident cases. It’s essential for any Sacramento, California 18-wheeler accident lawyer to understand the complexities of truck accidents and how these cases tend to involve multiple defendants. Even if liability isn’t immediately clear with your truck accident claim, the Ward Firm can help you obtain the recovery you need to get your life back to normal after a serious truck accident.

Our legal team has successfully represented many truck accident claims in the past, and we’re familiar with the types of evidence and legal concepts that come into play with these claims. If you suffered injuries and other damages from a truck accident and are unsure who is to blame or whether you have grounds for legal action, we can help.

Determining Negligence in a Truck Accident Claim

One of the most important aspects of any personal injury claim is negligence, or a failure to act with reasonable care. In most personal injury lawsuits, one party, the defendant, was negligent in such a way that it resulted in injury or financial harm to another party, the plaintiff. Negligence may or may not be immediately clear. It’s always possible for a defendant to claim the plaintiff filing a personal injury lawsuit is the one responsible for the claimed damages.

All drivers in California have a duty of care to drive responsibly and follow the rules of the road. However, truck drivers and other commercial drivers who operate large vehicles as part of their job duties are held to a higher standard. These individuals have a responsibility to use extra caution on California roads. When truck drivers fail in this responsibility, the sheer size of their vehicles can cause devastating damage.

In a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff filing the suit must identify the defendant and, with the help of an attorney, prove the defendant failed to act with reasonable care in a given situation and directly caused the plaintiff’s claimed damages. To prove negligence in a personal injury lawsuit, a plaintiff’s attorney must establish that the defendant in the case owed the plaintiff a duty to act with reasonable care, failed to meet this obligation, and directly caused the plaintiff’s claimed damages.

Comparative Negligence in California

The defendant may counter the plaintiff’s claim and offer their own evidence to establish comparative negligence on part of the plaintiff. California follows a pure comparative negligence law, meaning a plaintiff can still recover compensation even if they are partially responsible for the claimed damages. Unlike many other states that follow modified comparative negligence laws and bar recovery if the plaintiff is more at fault than a defendant, California does not bar the plaintiff’s recovery, even if the plaintiff proves to be more at fault for the claimed damages than the defendant.

Potential Recovery from a Truck Accident Claim in California

An accident with a semi-truck can result in serious injuries, expensive or irreparable damage to the victim’s vehicle, and lost income from missed time at work while the victim recovered. These accidents can also be incredibly traumatic. In some situations, an injured plaintiff can claim compensation for the traumatizing experience and pain suffered as a result of their injuries. A Sacramento, California semi-truck accident attorney can help a plaintiff recover various types of damages from a successful lawsuit, including:

  • Medical expenses. An attorney can seek compensation for the plaintiff’s medical expenses directly resulting from the defendant’s negligence, such as hospital bills, ambulance fees, and any costs incurred for necessary long-term rehabilitative treatment.
  • Lost income. If the plaintiff’s injuries force the plaintiff to miss work for an extended time, the plaintiff’s attorney can fight for compensation for wages lost during that time. Additionally, if the plaintiff’s injuries prevent them from returning to work, their attorney may move to seek compensation for lost future income.
  • Property damage. A truck accident involving a smaller passenger car will at the very least partially damage the smaller vehicle, if not completely destroy it. The plaintiff’s attorney will seek compensation for the cost of repairing the damage to the plaintiff’s vehicle or replacing the vehicle.
  • Pain and suffering. Plaintiffs who experience painful injuries and/or develop psychological distress from their truck accidents can seek compensation for their physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional distress resulting from their accidents.
  • Punitive damages. In cases where a defendant acted with willful disregard for the safety of others or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the court may award punitive damages to the plaintiff to further punish the defendant, often with the intent of discouraging similar behavior from others.

Recovery in a personal injury lawsuit exists to help an injured plaintiff become “whole” again after sustaining injuries and other damages from another party’s negligence.

Choose a Reliable Sacramento, California Truck Accident Lawyer.

Truck accident cases could involve one or more defendants depending on how the accident happened. The truck driver’s employer may absorb liability in some situations while the driver may absorb full liability in other scenarios. If a failure to conduct proper maintenance on the 18-wheeler caused the accident, the trucking company or maintenance personnel responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance could be responsible. Ultimately, these cases can be deceptively complex, and experienced legal representation is a necessity for any plaintiff who wishes to maximize their recovery.

The Ward Firm is here to help if you need a Sacramento, California semi-truck accident lawyer in your corner to help you recover your medical expenses, lost income, property damages, and pain and suffering resulting from your recent truck accident. Call us today at (916) 694-0730 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with attorney Justin L. Ward at our Sacramento, California office.

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