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How To Handle Juvenile Charges

Like adults, young people make mistakes. Learning your child was arrested is shocking. Answers are needed from your child and from someone who knows what is ahead: a good Sacramento criminal defense lawyer.

The Sacramento juvenile court system deals differently with minors, generally considered to be children under 18. Although public safety is the primary concern of the California justice system, treatment and rehabilitation, rather than punishment, is the core goal of the juvenile court system.

An experienced Sacramento criminal defense lawyer can explain factors juvenile courts take into consideration including:

  • Offense committed
  • Severity of offense
  • Background of offender

If your child is arrested, their future is on the line. Whether your child made a mistake, or the arrest was a mistake, choosing among Sacramento criminal defense law firms is a priority if your child has been charged.

How The Juvenile Court System Is Different

The Ward Firm is a skilled criminal defense law firm in Sacramento assisting juveniles facing charges. Unlike the adult criminal justice system, the juvenile court system has greater flexibility in responding to crimes or inappropriate actions committed by juveniles.

Expect your lawyer to provide aggressive representation for your child and information about the juvenile process, including:

Arrest: If your child is arrested and returns home, you will receive notice of the arrest and direction to appear with your child at the probation department. Upon arrest, your child can also be sent to a shelter agency or called back to the police station. If the offense is serious, your child can be detained in juvenile hall and allowed two phone calls, one to a guardian, the other to a criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento.

Personal rights: Your child has the same rights as an adult upon questioning by police. As well as the right to a Sacramento criminal defense attorney, your child has the right to remain silent and must receive notice that their statements can be used against them. You have the right to be notified of the arrest and the location of your child.

Juvenile or adult court: Although the juvenile court system governs minor children, children 14 or older that commit serious crimes can be tried in adult court. Serious crimes can include murder, rape, crimes using weapons or drug crimes. Retaining a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Sacramento is critical if your child is to be tried in adult court.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Child's Future

No one expects their child to be charged with a crime or delinquency. Let us help you help your child. As an experienced Sacramento criminal defense law firm, The Ward Firm can assertively represent your child, and your family, through the juvenile court system in Sacramento. Contact us today at 916-443-2474 for a free consultation, or fill out our online contact form.

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