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Where To Turn After Being Accused Of A Crime

Being accused of a crime is difficult, confusing and complicated. Understanding the Sacramento criminal court process requires experience with both the criminal system and the tendencies of local courts.

For anyone accused of a crime in state or federal court, trying to defend yourself can negatively affect your case; what you do not know about criminal process can hurt you. Quickly and competently choosing among Sacramento criminal defense lawyers can be the decision of a lifetime.

A Qualified And Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Just as a prosecutor defends the rights of victims, a Sacramento criminal defense attorney defends the rights of individuals accused of those crimes. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento, Justin L. Ward of The Ward Firm is committed to helping clients navigate the criminal justice system to achieve the best result possible given the facts of their case.

With years of experience with Sacramento criminal defense, you can expect the following from The Ward Firm:

Highly-qualified legal counsel: With a background in criminal prosecution, Justin L. Ward is a criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento bringing unique perspective to the case of each client. An aggressive advocate, Mr. Ward provides a wealth of court experience to each case, quickly discerning relevant facts that can assist with a reduction of charges, or set a clear path to trial.

Local knowledge, local understanding: Understanding Sacramento criminal law and potential penalties is valuable in handling matters that can permanently alter the lives of those accused. When retaining a criminal defense attorney in Sacramento, knowledge and experience of prosecutorial staff is important. Local, skilled handling of criminal matters by a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer can prove decisive in whether a case is concluded satisfactorily.

Excellent client services: The Ward Firm offers bilingual legal services in English and Spanish as well as a no-fee initial consultation to discuss the facts of your case and possible outcomes. Covering a wide range of practice areas, The Ward Firm offers authoritative legal counsel in the following areas of criminal defense in Sacramento:

  • Firearms/weapons
  • Restraining orders
  • Traffic offenses
  • Probation violations
  • White-collar crime
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery/burglary

Protect Your Future By Calling Our Law Firm Today

Being charged with any crime affects you, your family and your future. We are a criminal defense law firm in Sacramento with years of successful experience defending individuals against criminal charges in state and federal court. Contact us today at 916-443-2474 or online for a free consultation.

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